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Mary Cummins, Vexatious Litigant

If you have been sued by Mary Cummins the information below will be helpful in having her declared a Vexatious Litigant. Vexatious litigant legal verbiage varies from state to state, however, according to CA law a person is considered vexatious if they engage in any of the following behavior:

  1.  In the seven-year period immediately preceding the date an action has commenced, been prosecuted, or maintained in propria persona (pro se) at least five litigations, other than in a small claims court, that have been (i) finally determined adversely to the person or (ii) unjustifiably permitted to remain pending at least two years without having been brought to trial or hearing.
  2. After a litigation has been finally determined against the person, the individual repeatedly relitigates or attempts to relitigate, in propria persona, either (i) the validity of the determination against the same defendant or defendants as to whom the litigation was finally determined or (ii) the cause of action, claim, controversy, or any of the issues of fact or law, determined or concluded by the final determination against the same defendant or defendants as to whom the litigation was finally determined.
  3. In any litigation while acting in propria persona, repeatedly files unmeritorious motions, pleadings, or other papers, conducts unnecessary discovery, or engages in other tactics that are frivolous or solely intended to cause unnecessary delay.

Note: Click each lawsuit title to access the originating lawsuit.

Defamation Lawsuit: Amanda Lollar & Bat World Sanctuary vs Mary Cummins, 9/15/2010

01/25/11-Mary Cummins Motion to Dismiss, Lack of Jurisdiction (DENIED)
05/04/11-Hearing on Temporary Injunction against Cummins (DENIED)
06/02/11-Cummins Motion to Deny Plaintiff’s Discovery Sanctions (DENIED, SANCTIONED (love, MC)
06/21/11-Mary Cummins Motion for Protective Order on Home Address (DENIED)
07/21/11-Court Ordered DepoCummins Failure to Appear (read transcript see depo videos)
08/09/11-Mary Cummins Motion to Reconsider Protective Order (DENIED)
09/12/11-Mary Cummins Motion to Compel Plaintiff & Impose Sanctions  (DENIED)
09/30/11-Cummins Attorney’s Motion to Withdraw (GRANTED) (transcript & CR affidavit)
10/19/11-Mary Cummins Objection to Plaintiff’s Amending Temp. Injunction
10/21/11-Cummins Notice to Take Oral Deposition of Amanda Lollar (read depo transcript)
11/03/11-Mary Cummins 2nd Motion to Reconsider Order on Home Address (DENIED)
12/10/11-Mary Cummins Objection to Plaintiff’s Motion for Protective Order (DENIED)
12/12/11-Mary Cummins Motion for Continuance
12/16/11-Mary Cummins Motion Objecting to Mediation (DENIED)
12/20/11-Mary Cummins Objections to Plaintiff’s Motion for Contempt (DENIED)
12/19/11-Mary Cummins Motion to Compel & Sanctions (DENIED)
01/10/12-Mary Cummins Charged with Criminal Contempt-Contempt Granted (SANCTIONED)
01/11/12-Mary Cummins Motion Objecting to Continuance
01/13/12-Mary Cummins Motion to Reconsider Contempt Order Against Her (DENIED)
01/20/12-Mary Cummins Motion Objecting to Plaintiffs Protective Order (DENIED)
01/27/12-Mary Cummins Motion for Summary Judgement (DENIED)
04/13/12-Mary Cummins Motion for Contempt Against Lollar (DENIED)
04/18/12-Mary Cummins Objection to Strike Pleadings
06/07/12-Mary Cummins Motion for Malicious Prosecution (DENIED)
06/14/12-Mary Cummins represents herself at 4-day bench trial (LOST) (read transcript)
06/18/12-Mary Cummins Motion for New Trial (DENIED)
07/10/12-Mary Cummins Notice of Appeal
07/13/12- Cummins Motion to Recuse Trial Judge (DENIED)
07-17-12-Mary Cummins 2nd Notice of Subpoena
08/17/12-Mary Cummins ADMONISHED for Harassment and Bad Faith
08/17/12- Cummins Hearing to Recuse Trial Judge (DENIED-SANCTIONED)
08/21/12-Mary Cummins Motion to Reconsider Recusing Judge (DENIED)
08/27/12-Signed Judgement Against Mary Cummins
09/04/12-Mary Cummins Amended Motion for New Trial-Modify Court Order (DENIED)
09/11/12-Mary Cummins Affidavit of Indigence
10/24/12-Mary Cummins Motion to Reconsider Recusing Judge (DENIED)
10/31/12-Mary Cummins Indigence Hearing – complete transcript
11/13/12-Mary Cummins Amended Motion for New Trail-Vacate Judgement (DENIED)
12/10/12-Mary Cummiuns Amended Motion for New Trial (DENIED)
12/10/12-Mary Cummins Motion for Temporary Stay (DENIED)
07/01/13-Mary Cummins Appellee Brief  4/9/15 COA Ruling LOST
08/05/13-Mary Cummins Objection to Denial Of Oral Argument (DENIED)
09/03/13-Post Judgment Motion for Contempt (Cummins Motion in Response)
12-09-13-Mary Cummins Motion to Stay (DENIED)
04/09/15-Court of Appeals Ruling Against Mary Cummins
04/21/15-Mary Cummins Motion to Vacate Judgment (DENIED)
04/30/15-Mary Cummins Petition for Rehearing (DENIED)
05/13/15-Mary Cummins ADMONISHED by Court (Cummins Reply) (Cummins Letter)
07/03/15-Motion for Sanctions Against Mary Cummins  (SANCTIONED)
08/07/15-Mary Cummins Amended Motion to Strike, Void Trial (DENIED)
08/28/15-Mary Cummins Appeal to Supreme Court of Texas (DENIED)
09/18/15-Mary Cummins Opposed Notice of Errata-Reply to Court Order
10/09/15-Mary Cummins Ordered to Answer Post Judgment Discovery
10/22/15-Mary Cummins Request for Sanctions Against Plaintiff (DENIED)
12/04/15-Order Granting Motion to Obtain Mary Cummins Bank Records
12/08/15-Mary Cummins Objection to Providing Bank Records (DENIED)
12/21/15-Mary Cummins Altering of Bank Authorization Form (ATTY LETTER)
02/23/16-Cummins Notice to Judge (complaints)
03/31/16-Mary Cummins Motion for Contempt Against Plaintiff (DENIED)
Plaintiff’s Response to Motion for Contempt, Includes Donor Fraud Committed by Cummins
08/24/18-Mary Cummins Appeal to US Supreme Court-DENIED    (View on SCOTUS)
03/16/21-Renewal of Judgment

Sister-State Motions on Above Case-Amanda Lollar & BWS vs Mary Cummins

11/06/12-Sister State Judgment Entered Against Mary Cummins
05/20/13-Mary Cummins Motion to Vacate Sister State Judgement (DENIED)
07/30/13-Mary Cummins Motion for Order to Show Cause (DENIED)
08/09/13-Mary Cummins Amended Motion to Vacate Sister State Judgment (DENIED)
12/09/13-Mary Cummins Motion to Stay Enforcement of the Judgment (DENIED)
12/12/13-Mary Cummins Reply to Opposition to Claim of Exemption  (DENIED)
02/18/14-Mary Cummins Motion to Quash Subpoena, Protective Order (DENIED)
05/23/14-Mary Cummins Motion to Quash Subpoena, Protective Order (DENIED)
05/23/14-Mary Cummins Reply to Opposition to Quash Subpoena
05/30/14-Mary Cummins Emergency Request for Exparte Hearing (DENIED)
05/29/14-Cummins Emergency Ex Parte to Reconsider Motion to Quash Subpoena (DENIED)
06/02/14-Mary Cummins Objection to Court Order
06/03/14-Mary Cummins Affidavit of Prejudice Against Judge Hess
09/03/14-Mary Cummins 2nd Notice of Default
09/19/14-Mary Cummins Motion to Vacate Dismissal & Reinstate Appeal (DENIED)
04/21/15-Mary Cummins Motion to Extend
06/05/15- Mary Cummins Sister State Appeal (DENIED)
06/08/15-Mary Cummins Motion for Judicial Notice (DENIED)
07/07/15-Mary Cummins Reply to Respondents Motion to Quash
07/23/15-Mary Cummins Motion to Re-vacate Sister State Judgement (DENIED)
05/24/15-Mary Cummins Reply to Judges Court Order
08/03/15-Mary Cummins Motion to Vacate Order (DENIED)
09/09/15-Mary Cummins SANCTIONED – Post Judgement Discovery (Cummins “Errata” Reply)
09/09/15-Mary Cummins Motion to Vacate Dismissal and ReAppeal (REJECTED) (DENIED)
12/10/15-Mary Cummins Hearing on Objections Court Ordered Bank Authorization
01/07/16-Mary Cummins Motion to Vacate Sister State Judgment (DENIED)
01/07/16-Court Reporter Transcript on above Motion to Vacate
02/19/16-Mary Cummins Motion to Quash Subpoena (DENIED)
04/06/16-Opposition to Mary Cummins Motion to Quash
04/15/16-Mary Cummins Amended Motion to Quash (DENIED)
04/27/16-OPPOSITION to Mary Cummins Motion to Quash
05/04/16-Mary Cummins Amended Motion to Quash (DENIED)
08/26/16-Mary Cummins Amended Motion to Quash (DENIED)
08/26/16-Mary Cummins Additional Reply-Motion to Quash
09/27/16-Mary Cummins Reply to Defendants Motion to Seal
11/01/16-Mary Cummins Notice of Appeal
11/07/16-Mary Cummins Amended Motion to Quash (DENIED)
12/07/16-OPPOSITION to Mary Cummins Motion to Quash
12/09/16-Mary Cummins Default-Failure to File Case Information Statement
12/12/16-Mary Cummins Reply to Plaintiff Reply to Motion to Quash
12/13/16-Notice (OF DEFAULT ON APPEAL ) Filed by Clerk
04/10/17-Acknowledgment of Assignment of Judgment to Enforce
09/01/22-Sister State Application for and Renewal of Judgment
09/20/22-Sister State Proof of Service

07/28/17-Mary Cummins receives notice that she must appear for Debtors Court
09/08/17-Mary Cummins Motion to Quash, Motion to Vacate-etc filed in wrong court
09/14/17-Response to Cummins Motion to Quash, Protective Order-etc.pdf
09/15/17-Mary Cummins Motion to Modify Subpoena Protective Order Motion to Vacate
09/15/17-Mary Cummins Motion to Continue Debtors Exam
09/26/17-Bench Warrant for Cummins GRANTED
10/02/17-Cummins Motion to Continue Debtor Exam, Strike Bench Warrant
10/03/17-Cummns Motion to Continue Debtor Exam, Strike Warrant, additional exhibits
10/13/17- Creditors Objections & Motion to Strike against Mary Cummins
10/16/17-Cummins Reply on Motion to Strike Subpoena
11/02/17-Cummins Exp. Motion to Strike, Dissallow Video & Nonparties  (DENIED)
11/03/17-Cummins Exparte Motion to Strike Subpoena, Protective Order   (DENIED)
12/04/17-Mary Cummins Petition to Obtain Bankruptcy
12/07/17-Mary Cummins Income Schedule
12/07/17-Mary Cummins Self Employment Statement
12/07/17-Mary Cummins Stay of Proceedings re Bankruptcy
12/13/17-Mary Cummins Creditor list
03/10/18-Adversary Complaint Against Cummins Petition to Obtain Bankruptcy
03/14/18-Mary Cummins Motion to Strike Plaintiff’s Objection to Discharge
03/27/18-Adversary Motion for Judgement on Pleadings
04/12/18-Mary Cummins Reply to Deny Discharge
05/17/18-Mary Cummins Reply to Motion for Judgment on Pleadings
10/07/19-Mary Cummins Motion to Discharge for Unclean Hands
10/22/18-Application on Hearing for Shortened Notice
10/22/18-Declaration of P.Stillman-Exparte Application
10/22/18-Exparte Application to Continue Discovery Cutoff
10/23/18-Mary Cummins Motion-Quash Subpoena, Protective Order & Discovery
11/01/18-Mary Cummins Reply to Application for Shortened Notice
11/02/18-Application for Shortened Notice Denied
11/02/18-Mary Cummins Motion to Quash Subpoena DENIED
11-/06/18-Declaration of Attny In Support of Motion to Amend Scheduling Order
11/06/18-Motion to Continue Discovery
11/09/18-Mary Cummins Reply to Motion to Continue
11/20/18-Plaintiffs Reply-Motion for Order Amending Schedule
11/20/18-P. Stillman Declaration in Support of Motion to Amend Scheduling
11/26/18-Motion for Summary Judgment
11-26-18-Declaration of Phillip Stillman
11-26-19-Mary Cummins Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgement
01/22/19-Motion to Compel with Sanctions Requested against Cummins
01/22/19-Declaration of Stillman in Support of Motion to Compel
01/22/19-Joint Stipulation re Motion to Compel
02/19/19-Objection to Defendants Motion and Failure to Comply
02/26/19-Plaintiffs Further Reply in Support of his Motion for Partial MSJ
03/06/19-Cummins Motion to Dismiss Due to Unclean Hands 
03/13/19-Stillman Opposition to Cummins Motion to Dismiss MSJ
03/13/19-Stillman Declaration of Opposition 
03/13/19-Stillman Notice of Errata
03/15/19-Court Ordered Deposition of Mary Cummins
03/19/19-Notice of Lodgment of Cobbs Trust In Camera
03/21/19-Cummins’ Amended Motion to Dismiss MSJ
03/27/19-Opposition to Dismiss for Unclean Hands
05/26/19- Order DENYING Mary Cummins Motion to Dismiss for Unclean Hands
05/26/19-Motion for Summary Judgement Granted and Denied in Part
11/05/19-Opposition to Mary Cummins Motion for MSJ
11/05/19-Objections to the Declaration of Mary Cummins
11/05/19-Declaration in Opposition of Mary Cummins MSJ
11/05/19-Statement of Genuine Issues In Dispute In Opposition to MSJ
11/20/19-Mary Cummins Motion for Continuance
11/20/19-Mary Cummins Ex Parte Declaration w Email Exhibits
11/20/19-Opposition to Defendants Ex Parte to Continue
11/20/19-Order Granting Defendant’s Ex Parte to Continue
01/08/20-Mary Cummins Reply to Plaintiffs Opposition
02/10/20-Mary Cummins Bankruptcy Attempt DENIED
02/10/20-MSJ Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
02/10/-20-Mary Cummins Notice to the Court Charging Fraud
02/18/20-Appeal Denied on Basis that Final Judgment Not Yet Entered 
02/20/20-Mary Cummins Request for Waiver of Fees-MOOT-DENIED
03/05/20-Mary Cummins-MSJ DENIED-Final Order
03-05-20-USDC Notice Re Appeal from Bankruptcy Court
03-09-20-USDC Standing Order from Judge Birotti
03/17/20-Mary Cummins Ex Parte Motion to Stay Bankruptcy
03/17/20-Mary Cummins Application for Setting Hearing on Shortened Notice
03/17/20-Mary Cummins Declaration
03/18/20-OPPOSITION response to Mary Cummins Motion to Stay Bankrupcy
03/19/20-Mary Cummins Appeal Stay DENIED
03/27/20- Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion to Dismiss Causes 1-3
03/27/20-Plaintiff’s Declaration to Dismiss
04/05/20-Appellee’s Election to Proceed in Civil Court
04/10/20-USDC Order to Show Cause re Dismissal
05/01/20-Mary Cummins Notice to Courts Requesting Extension
05/05/20-Mary Cummins Notice – Closing Bankruptcy, Reinstatement of Discharge
05/07/20-Mary Cummins Application to File Electronically (see above 5/1 comparison)
05/26/20-Request to Dismiss Appeal for Lack of Prosecution
05/26/20-Mary Cummins Reply Fighting Dischargeability for Lack of Prosecution
05/26/20-Additional Response in Request to Dismiss
05/31/20-Mary Cummins Motion to Reinstate Appeal
08/09/20-Stillman Opposition to Cummins Extension of Time
08/10/20-Mary Cummins Opening Brief
09/04/20-Stillman Ex Parte Application to Strike and Stay
09/07/20-Mary Cummuns Motion for Contempt
09/07/20-Stillman Opposition to Motion for Contempt
09/08/20-MaryCummins Motion for Contempt DENIED
09/11/20-Mary Cummins Opening Brief II
10/13/20-Stillman Reply to Cummins Opening Brief
10/28/20-Cummins Response – Request for Oral Argument
01/07/21-Cummins Bankruptcy Appeal DENIED
01/28/21-Mary Cummins Motion to Rehear AGAIN
02/04/21-Mary Cummins Reply to Plaintiff Ex Parte Application of 2-10-20
02/08/21-Order DENYING Cummins Motion to Dismiss ExParte Motion
02/24/21-Order DENYING Cummins Motions for Reconsideration
02/26/21-Cummins Motion to Dismiss AGAIN
03/09/21-Ex Parte Motion to Strike
03/10/21-Cummins reply to Ex Parte Motion to Strike
03/18/21-Cummuis Statement of Decision
03/18/21-Motion to Strike Denied-Ex Parte DISMISSED
03/23/21-Cummins Motion to Rehear Motion to Dismiss AGAIN
04/27/21-Order DENYING Mary Cummins Motion Rehear Motion to Dismiss
05/10/21-Mary Cummins Designation of Record-Statement of Issues
05/13/21-Clerk’s Order to Mary Cummins re Finality
05/27/21-Mary Cummins Reply to Clerks Order
06/02/21-Appellee’s Statement of Election-Proceed in US District Court
06/08/21-Mary Cummins Reply to Election of Appeal Proceeding in District Court
06/13/21-Appelles Notice of Related Cases
06/17/21-Assignment Transferred back to Judge Birotte
06/29/21-Mary Cummins Notice of  Document Discrepancies
08/13/21-Mary Cummins Opening Brief
09/12/21-Answering Brief of Appellee
09/12/21-Stillman Declaration in Support of Response Brief
10/02/21-Mary Cummins Reply Brief
10/02/21-Declaration of Mary Cummins
01/03/22-Mary Cummins Notice to Courts
01/27/22-Mary Cummins 2nd Notice to Courts
03/24/22-Appellee’s Notice of Related Cases
03/24/22-Mary Cummins Reply to Notice of Related Cases
03/25/22-Case Reassigned to Judge Birotte
03/25/22-Mary Cummins Notice to Recuse Judge Birotte
03/29/22-Cummins Motion to Recuse Judge Birotte
04//08/22-Order in Chambers-Case Closed
05/09/22-Mary Cummins Forma Pauperis Motion Denied as FRIVOLOU
06/14/22-Mary Cummins Motion to Proceed in Forma Pauperis
06/16/22-Mary Cummins Statement Appeal Should Go Forward.pdf
06/27/22-Response to Court Order of 05/12
11/17/22-Appeal Order Dismissed as Frivolous

10/21/22-Mary Cummins Response to Renewal of Judgement
11/14/22-Stillman Opposition to Motion to Vacate
11/14/22-Stillman Declaration in Support of Opposition
11/16/22-Mary Cummins Reply to Opposition 

Retaliatory Defamation Lawsuit: Mary Cummins vs Amanda Lollar, 09/29/2011

11/30/11-Mary Cummins Opposition to Dismiss-Transfer Venue
(Plaintiff’s Reply)   (Cummins Reply)
12/22/11-Mary Cummins 1st Amended Complaint
04/19/12-Mary Cummins Motion to Compel Discovery (Cummins Motion to Withdraw MTC)
04/25/12 – Deposition of Mary Cummins
04/26/12-Deposition of Amanda Lollar
05/02/12-Mary Cummins Motion for Injunction Against Plaintiff (DENIED)
06/26/12-Mary Cummins Motion to Extend Discovery, Add Defendants
06/26/12-Mary Cummins Motion to Compel Production
07/09/12-Mary Cummins Amended Complaint to Add New Defendants
07/10/12-Defendant Lollar’s Motion for Summary Judgement  (11/16/12-GRANTED)
07/17/12-Mary Cummins 2nd Notice of Subpoena
07/24/12-Mary Cummins Response to Defendants Opposition to Motion to Compel
07/24/12-Mary Cummins Response to Defendants Opposition to Extend Discovery Time
07/25/12-Mary Cummins Response to Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment
07/25/12-Mary Cummins Response to Defendant’s Objections
07/30/12-Mary Cummins Reply to Defendants Response to Cummins Response to MSJ
08/01/12-ORDER STRIKING Mary Cummins Documents from Record
08/02/12-Mary Cummins Objection to Moving Case to TX Courts (DENIED)
08/07/12-Mary Cummins Motion to Quash Medical Records (DENIED)
08/08/12-Mary Cummins ADMONISHED for Acting in Bad Faith
08/29/12-Mary Cummins Motion to Quash Defendants Subpoena
08/29/12-Mary Cummins 2nd Amended Complaint (STRICKEN)
08/31/12-Mary Cummins Request for Leave to File Amended Complaint
09/27/12-Mary Cummins 2nd Amended Complaint adding Def. Shupps, Krog, Stark & Dmytryk
09/12/12-Mary Cummins Reply to Defendants Response to Cummins Response to MSJ
09/12/12-Mary Cummins Response to Defendants Objections
09/12/12-Mary Cummins Statement of Issues in Opposition of Defendants MSJ
09/29/12-Mary Cummins Motion to Quash Access to her Medical Records (DENIED)
11/16/12-Defendants Motion for Summary Judgment Against Mary Cummins-GRANTED
11/21/12-Mary Cummins Motion to Reconsider Order on Summary Judgment  (DENIED)
11/30/12-Cummins Request for Default Against Defendants Krog, Stark & Dmytryk (DENIED)
01/14/13-Mary Cummins ORDERD to Show Cause
01/17/13-Mary Cummins Motion to Vacate Orders on Summary Judgment (DENIED)
02/11/13-Mary Cummins v Eric Shupps (TX Trial, Expert Witness) -DISMISSED
02/28/13-Mary Cummins Notice of Appeal with Fee Past Due
02/22/13-Mary Cummins 3rd Amended Complaint Against Defendant Shupps
03/13/13-Mary Cummins 3rd Response to Shupps Motion to Dismiss
02/22/13-Mary Cummins Appeal for Loss of Summary Judgment  (DENIED)
04/01/13-Mary Cummins Lawsuit Against Plaintiff Shupps (DISMISSED)
04/16/13-Mary Cummins Motion of Contempt Against Attorneys (DENIED)
05/20/13-Cummins 4th Amended Complaint Against Shupps (Cummins 4th Response) (DISMISSED)

Retaliatory PI Lawsuit: Mary Cummins vs Amanda Lollar & John Does 1-10, 6-5-2012

06/05/12-Mary Cummins Request for Default Entry (DENIED)
07/06/12-Mary Cummins Objection to Motion to Dismiss
07/9/12-Mary Cummins 1st Amended Complaint
07/16/12-Mary Cummins Amended Objection to Motion to Dismiss
07/30/12-Mary Cummins Ordered to Show Cause for Bad Faith Filing (Cummins Response)
02/07/13-Mary Cummins Response to Motion to Dismiss
08/24/12-Order Requiring Mary Cummins to Comply with Local Rules
08/24/12-Second Order Requiring Mary Cummins to Comply with Local Rules
08/29/12-Mary Cummins 2nd Amended Complaint (DOCUMENT STRICKEN)
08/31/12-Cummins Motion for Leave to File 2nd Amended Complaint (DOCUMENT STRICKEN)
09/10/12-Mary Cummins Notice of Inability to Confer
11/11/12-Mary Cummins 2nd Amended Complaint Adding Defendants
11/20/12-Mary Cummins Objection to Def Sub of Atty (CUMMINS DECLARATION) (DENIED)
02/07/13-Mary Cummins Response to Motion to Dismiss
04/16/13-Cummins Contempt Motion against Opposing Attorneys (DENIED)
07/23/13-Order of Dismissal of 3 Def from Plaintiff Failure to Provide Proof of Service
08/12/13-Mary Cummins Reply to K. Rugroden Motion to Dismiss
08/27/13-Mary Cummins Response to D. Hyatt Motion to Dismiss
09/04/13-ORDER STRIKING AND UNFILING Mary Cummins Documents
03/11/14-Motion to Compel Against Mary Cummins
04/03/14-Mary Cummins Reply to D. Hyatt Motion to Dismiss
02/28/14-Order Dismissing Defendants Hyatt & Rugroden
04/30/14-Motion to Compel Against Mary Cummins
05/12/14-Mary Cummins Motion to Extend Time to Reply
05/19/14-Mary Cummins Amended Motion to Extend Time to Reply
05/31/14-Mary Cummins Reply to Motion to Compel
08/26/14-Order Partially Granting Defendants Motion to Compel
09/18/14-Mary Cummins Motion to Extend Time to Reply to Discovery
10/27/14-Mary Cummins Motion to Quash Subpoenas & Sanctions (Def. Response)
04/13/15-Cummins Motion to Stay for Emergency  (Def Obj) (Plnt Reply (DENIED)
07/07/15-Mary Cummins Motion to Reconsider Stay (DENIED)
07/13/15-Mary Cummins Request for Sanctions & Motion Abuse (DENIED)
09/15/15-Mary Cummins Motion to Dismiss
09/16/15-Case Dismissed

Retaliatory RO Lawsuit: Mary Cummins vs Amanda Lollar, filed 5/24/13

06/12/13-Mary Cummins Posts a Fake Bench Warrant for A. Lollar
06/28/13-A. Lollar’s Response to Cummins Restraining Order  (Cummins Response)
07/01/13-Mary Cummins request for Restraining Order DENIED, Sanctioned by Court $6,350
07/16/13-Cummins Motion to Reconsider Denial of RO & Sanctions of $6,350  (DENIED)
08/15/13-Cummins Amended Motion to Reconsider Denial of RO, Request New Judge (DENIED)
08/28/13-Motion to Deem Mary Cummins a Vexatious Litigant (RULING)
09/05/13-Mary Cummins Affidavit of Prejudice Against Judge Carol Boas Goodson (DENIED)
09/20/13-Cummins Motion for Sanctions, Recuse & Disqualify Judge Carol Goodson (DENIED)
09/26/13 –Cummins Reply to Motion to Deem her a Vexatious Litigant & Request for Sanctions
09/26/13- Defendants Response to Cummins Motion to Disqualify and for Sanctions
09/26/13-Mary Cummins Declaration and Request for Judicial Notice
09/30/13-Mary Cummins Notice of Appeal  (DISMISSED Per Default)
10/03/13-Cummins Petition to Disqualify Judge Carol Goodson-Stay Requested (DENIED)
11/08/13-Mary Cummins Request to Waive Court Fees (DENIED)
11/14/13-Mary Cummins in Default on Appeal for Failure to State Case Information
01/02/14-Mary Cummins Motion to Vacate Dismissal, Reinstate Appeal, Extend Time
04/03/14-Mary Cummins Opening Appeal Brief
09/22/14-Mary Cummins Motion for Sanctions Against Lollar (DENIED)
09/23/14- Responents Brief to Mary Cummins Appeal
10/21/14-Mary Cummins Reply Brief
11/24/14-Court letter Regarding Mary Cummins Attack on the Trial Court’s Rulings
11/25/14-Mary Cummins Letter Letter Brief  12/04/14-Respondent Lollar’s Letter Brief
02/23/15-Mary Cummins Motion for Reconsideration, Disqualification, New Trial DENIED
03/09/15-Mary Cummins Petition for Rehearing Appeal (DENIED)
04/06/15- Mary Cummins Appeal to Supreme Court (DENIED)

Six Million Dollar Judgment Upheld

UPDATE: 4/10/2015 – Cummins loses her appeal contesting the Six-Million Dollar judgement we have against her. In part, the court stated: “…From our review of the record, Lollar showed by clear and convincing evidence that Cummins acted with malice as that term is used in chapter 41 and with the actual malice required under the First Amendment. The evidence supports a conclusion that Cummins engaged in a persistent, calculated attack on Lollar with the intention to ruin both Lollar’s life’s work and her credibility and standing in the animal rehabilitation community. Cummins posted innumerable derogatory statements about Lollar impugning her honesty and her competency, and she repeatedly and relentlessly reported Lollar to multiple government agencies. The comments she made about Lollar leave no doubt that she had a specific intent to cause substantial injury or harm to Lollar.

Click here to read the Appellate Court’s complete opinion.

UPDATE: 8/28/2015  – Cummins loses her appeal to the Texas Supreme Court.


Mary Cummins Loses Final RO Appeal Against Lollar

As reported on July 11, 2013, Mary Cummins filed false police reports against Amanda Lollar, then used them to convince a judge into giving her a temporary restraining order (TRO) against Lollar in an attempt to force Lollar to attend a hearing in Los Angeles, CA. During this time, Cummins made continual threats to shoot Lollar when she came to defend herself against the TRO.

Lollar did not attend the hearing in fear of her own safety. The overwhelming evidence against Cummins (including her death threats) was presented to the Judge Carol Goodson by Lollar’s attorneys. Not only did Cummins LOSE her case against Lollar, she was ordered to pay Lollar’s attorney’s fees of over $6,000.

Click this link to access the court document from the hearing which also contains Mary Cummins death threats against Amanda Lollar.

After the judge ruled against Cummins, she began defaming the judge on the internet, and then filed a Motion to Reconsider, which was denied. Cummins then filed for an appeal of the TRO, which was also denied on Dec. 13, 2013. Mary Cummins then filed ANOTHER appeal of the restraining order (see our response), all the while alleging that Lollar was sending continual death threats her way (yet showing no proof whatsoever). On February 23, 2015 the Appellate Court made their final ruling denying Cummins appeal and ordered her to pay Lollar’s additional attorney fees of $144,000. (Note that these fees were paid by insurance and will be collected by said insurance company.)

UPDATE: 5/15/15: Mary Cummins appeals to the Supreme Court of California in her attempt to get the above mentioned restraining order against Amanda Lollar.  Her appeal was DENIED.

Mary Cummins Attacks Another Rescue Group

We just became aware that Wildhorse Ranch Rescue (WHRR), a struggling non-profit in Arizona posted a plea to their Facebook followers to please donate to Bat World Sanctuary.

This was an immensely unselfish gesture of the 2013 Holiday Season because, despite their own needs, WHRR sought to do something for another rescue group. The sole mission of WHRR is to save animals from abuse, neglect, slaughter and premature death and provide a safe place for them to live for the remainder of their lives. They give sanctuary to former US Cavalry Horses, US Forest Service Equines, wild mustangs and others who would otherwise face a horrible end.

Derringer, a US Calvary horse retired to WHRR

Because of WHRR’s show of kindness towards BWS, our malicious cyber-stalker is attacking WHRR for one reason only; they spoke up for us.

Allegedly, our cyber-stalker went so far as to post on WHRR’s page pretending to be us. These posts contained horrific and false allegations about our rescue work. (WHRR has since deleted those public posts and we are looking into the possibility of pressing federal charges against Cummins for impersonation.) Cummins then sent WHRR a private FB message with more lies about Bat World. Their reply was, “Why don’t you find something better to do with your time?”

Mary Cummins is now going after WHRR in a rage. As she did with us, Cummins is creating numerous false and defamatory blogs in an attempt to ruin WHRR financially. We cannot allow her to harm another organization that is saving and preserving suffering animals. Please show your support for Bat World and Wildhorse Ranch by liking and posting your support to their Facebook page and assisting them in whatever way possible.

Pasted below is a reply to the recent correspondence that Mary Cummins sent to an official in the county where Wildhorse Ranch is located. Cummins’ typical MO begins with launching attacks within the city where her victim resides (as she did with us). Note that Cummins will often make Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIAs) to the city of her victim, then she may manipulate the documents she receives to reflect complaints and then upload these falsified documents to the internet to further her smear campaign.


From: Mary Cummins []
Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2013 5:16 PM
Subject: Status of WildHorse Ranch Rescue violations

Could you tell me the status of WildHorse Ranch Rescue’s code violations? Are they up to code? I can send in a state information act request if necessary. I was hoping to find the public files online.

Mary Cummins


Subject: RE: Status of WildHorse Ranch Rescue violations
From: *****
Date: Thu, December 19, 2013 5:57 pm
To: ‘Mary Cummins’ <>
Cc: *****

Ms. Cummins: Violation 201000887 was closed.  The property was denied an agricultural exemption (LU20110058) because ARS-11-812.A.2 requires a min. 5 contiguous commercial acres and the site is on 1.25 acres.  A number of unpermitted structures benefitted from regulatory reform over the past three years that negated need for construction permits for many structures and liberalized building setbacks and separation distance. Also, due to regulatory reform, parcels as small as one acre can be considered a farm which is a permitted use in the Rural-43 zoning district. The rescue operation is considered a farm.  Temporary/special events such as fundraiser concerts will only permitted with an approved Temporary Use Permit.  Since the site is not agriculturally exempt from the county’s zoning, drainage and construction safety codes – new construction may require an issued construction permit.  There is an active permit B201302673 to erect a pre-engineered horse barn without electrical or plumbing that is not for commercial use. This permit was issued on 5/23/13.   They need to call in for the 970 Final Drainage and 900 Final construction safety inspections in order to complete the permit.  There does remain an unpermitted 15’ x 24’ canopy and the property owner was notified of this issue. There is not an open zoning violation at this time.

I’ve copied ************, operator of the facility, on this email in order to give her a status update on her active permit.  She will be able to answer questions regarding the horse rescue facility.

Maricopa County Planning & Development Department
501 N. 44th St. # 200 Phoenix, AZ 85008
602-506-7139, 602-506-3711 (fax)


NOTE: Many people ask why Mary Cummins can’t be arrested. Unfortunately, it is not a crime to attempt to ruin someone’s life by posting defamation. People can be sued and a judgement levied against them (as we have done with Mary Cummins), however, there are no laws in place to protect victims from internet smear campaigns unless they include death threats or threats of physical harm. That being said, because Mary Cummins continues to post defamation about BWS on the internet after she was ordered to stop, she will eventually be charged with Contempt of Court with the likelihood of jail time after a decision is made on her appeal. Until then, our only recourse is to expose her malicious activities to our followers.


Mary Cummins Harassment & Terrorist Threat Reports

Click here to read the police reports filed against Mary Cummins for Harassment and Terroristic Threats against Amanda Lollar:

Mary Cummins Harassment File

Mary Cummins Terroristic Threats

Contempt Filed Against Mary Cummins

“Defendant Mary Cummins was duty-bound to obey the commands of the Court contained in the judgment. Defendant failed and refused, and continues to fail and refuse to obey the commands of the Court. Specifically, Defendant has intentionally violated the Court’s order by failing and refusing to permanently remove the above-described statements from the internet. Each statement which Defendant failed and refused to permanently remove constitutes a separate act of contempt of court.

On return of such show cause order, the judge shall proceed to hear proof, and if satisfied that such person has disobeyed the injunction, either directly or indirectly, may commit such person to jail without bail until he purges himself of such contempt, in such manner and form as the judge may direct.

Because Defendant, Mary Cummins, continues to fail and refuses to obey the commands of the Court contained in the injunction, Movant has no alternative but to institute this contempt proceeding to have Defendant held in contempt of court and punished in accordance with Rule 692 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

WHEREFORE, Movant requests that Defendant, Mary Cummins, be ordered to appear before the Court at a designated date and time and show cause why she should not be held in contempt of court for violations of the injunction contained in the August 27, 2012 Final Judgment and punished accordingly.”


Fake BatWorldSanctuary sites created by cyber-stalker Mary Cummins

Fake web sites titled “” and “” have been created by Bat World’s cyber-stalker, Mary Cummins, a woman who has been stalking Bat World’s founder and president, Amanda Lollar, for the past three years.

In June of 2010, Bat World Sanctuary unknowingly accepted this mentally troubled Los Angeles woman into an internship program held in Texas. Cummins found the internship too challenging to complete and left the internship early, finishing less than six days of a two-week internship. Before leaving, Cummins alleged that she had “bumped her head” and Bat World owed her $2,500 for a cat scan. Bat World refused.

Within days, outrageous lies about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary began appearing on the internet, posted by Mary Cummins. These lies included animal cruelty, animal neglect, fraud, extortion, filth, endangering human health, practicing medicine without a license, plagiarism, illegal drug use, forgery, libel, theft, illegally being on welfare and more. Cummins made numerous false complaints to the USDA, Texas Parks and Wildlife, the DA, the IRS, the Texas Attorney General’s Office, the Texas Veterinary Board, the City of Mineral Wells, the Texas State Dept of Health, the DEA, the CDC and animal rights groups around the world including PETA, HSUS, ASPCA, ASA, GFAS, IFAW and others. Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary welcomed investigations, and all of Cummins’ complaints were found to be baseless. Click here to view the results of those investigations.

With the help of renowned animal rights attorney, Randy Turner, who represented Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary free of charge, a lawsuit was brought against Cummins.

Attorney and Bat World volunteer Randy Turner, with  Peekaboo, an orphaned Egyptian fruit bat

In June of 2012, the court stated that Amanda Lollar is to bats what Jane Goodall is to primates, and awarded a judgement of 6.1 Million in damages to Amanda Lollar for Cummins “egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional” defamation.

After the judgement, it was discovered that Cummins is considered a career litigant. Click here to see a list of the 30 lawsuits that Mary Cummins’ has been involved with in her 47 years.

Since the judgement, Cummins reign of terror against Amanda Lollar has increased, and Mary Cummins has been charged with contempt of court for the third time. Cummins’ defamation has also intensified. The fake “batworldsanctuary” websites that were purchased by Cummins are part of her continual defamation. We are taking steps to have the sites removed, however, it is a lengthy process.

The following bullet-point list provides a history of Cummins’ attacks and retaliatory actions against Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. Links to court documents and web pages are provided when available:

We receive numerous questions about what more can be done to stop Mary Cummins from her continual harassment of Bat World Sanctuary. Unfortunately, cyber-stalking, bullying and online harassment is new territory and laws have not yet been created to stop malcontent’s like Mary Cummins. Defamation is a civil issue, not a criminal issue, so
law enforcement is unable to help (when death threats are posted, however, action can be taken).

People like Mary Cummins have to be sued in court, which we have done. Until internet laws are strengthened, cyber-stalkers and bullies like Mary Cummins are free to destroy innocent people over and over again. Our only recourse is to warn other people by posting pages like this one.

For more information about our case and other like this please join us on Facebook at Stand up to Cyber-Stalkers.

Mary Cummins – Restraining Order

In an attempt to lure Amanda Lollar to Los Angeles, CA, Mary Cummins filed false police reports against Amanda Lollar, then used them to convince a judge into giving her a temporary restraining order (TRO) against Lollar in an attempt to force Lollar to attend a hearing in Los Angeles, CA. During this time, Cummins made continual threats to shoot Lollar when she came to defend herself against the TRO.

Lollar did not attend the hearing in fear of her own safety. The overwhelming evidence against Cummins (including her death threats) was presented to the Judge Carol Goodson by Lollar’s attorneys. Not only did Cummins LOSE her case against Lollar, she was ordered to pay Lollar’s attorney’s fees.


Book – The Self-Destruction of a Morbid Cyber-Stalker

Available soon:

By Amanda Lollar

The true story of a disgruntled intern who unleashed a three-year reign of terror on Bat World Sanctuary and its Founder and President, Amanda Lollar. A story of madness unraveling, and a story of good triumphing over evil. Click here to read the complete four-day trial transcript that resulted in a 6.1 Million Dollar win for Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar.

Sneak preview of chapters. Please check this page for updates.

~ Prelude to a Nightmare ~

They say when you tell a story you should always start at the beginning, but there were so many beginnings, and for the first year I did not see any of them coming. The most damaging of all, both personally and professionally, was the first time I saw…


~ Interns, Tapeworms and COPD ~

Mary Katherine Cummins-Cobb, President of something she called Animal Advocates, was one of 2 interns selected that summer to receive an in-house internship. The remaining 12 internships were…


~ Numerous Unvaccinated People Being Bitten by Rabid Bats ~

Before Mary and Roseanne had left, I called Dottie to quickly tell her the unbelievable turn of events, Mary’s threat and the fact that I needed her until the new interns arrived. Tammy and Dottie both arrived to help care for the orphans…


~ There’s Definitely Something About Mary ~

In the weeks that followed more and more orphaned pups rolled in. Because we were highly organized it was easy to take care of up to 200 orphaned pups every summer, however, we were approaching 300 babies and baby season would not be over…


~ The Birth of an Internet Smear Campaign ~

When Randy filed the lawsuit, Mary’s very first response was to file a motion to dismiss the case based on ‘lack of jurisdiction.’ We were both surprised when she created the document herself rather than hiring an attorney for help…


~ Digging up “dirt” ~

“She will work very hard to dig up all the dirt she can possibly find on you, and what she does not find, she will make up.” I don’t remember which of her past victims said that to me, however, before I can describe…


~ *They lie so much that some of them are convinced
of their own lies, which is where evil is born. ~

Exhilarated—that’s the best way to describe the way I felt after hearing Judge Brigham’s ruling. I had a signed court order against Mary Cummins in hand, so my next step was…

Mary Cummins Sues Amanda Lollar in Retaliation and LOSES

Click here to read the Judges Ruling.

As many of you are already aware, Bat World Sanctuary has been the target of a malicious defamation campaign launched by Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates. Mary Cummins was a former intern who became disgruntled. With the help of Bat World’s volunteer and animal rights attorney Randy Turner, we sued Mary Cummins and went to trial in June of this year. At the close of a four-day trial, Judge William Brigham compared Amanda Lollar’s reputation in caring for bats to that of Jane Goodall’s care for primates. The Judge stated that Cummins defamation of Amanda Lollar was “egregious, intentional and malicious” and awarded a judgment of $6.1 million in damages. We doubt that we will ever see any portion of the award, however, the amount of the judgment speaks volumes.  As an aside, Cummins later filed suit in CA federal court against Amanda Lollar as well as one of the trial expert witnesses’, Eric Shupps, alleging defamation amongst other things. In November of this year that case was ruled on in Bat World’s favor.

While we prevailed in this fight, our cyber-tyrant continues to post defamatory and outlandish statements about Bat World Sanctuary, Amanda Lollar, Eric Shupps and Randy Turner.

2/11/13 update: Mary Cummins loses in her second attempt in federal court